The Allure of Sunsets

More than a nominal representation of a day’s end, the allure of the sunset comes from the juxtaposition of the texture of the hues, the poetry in its slow motion, and the silhouette of the rest of the world that bows down to its majesty.

For a few tens of us who have witnessed a different kind of sunset by June’s end, yesterday’s was one we will never forget. It signified rest after a turbulent but courageous run; a celebration of victories, big and small, in between the beginning and the end; and a promise of hope incumbent upon the turning of a fresh page.

Sometimes, the beauty of an end may not have anything to do with the anticipation of the day after; it may be at the moment when you see it coming, like how we witness the light slowly descend unto earth, colouring the sky like an endless canvass of all the shades human sight and consciousness could reckon, getting engulfed by the seconds and then suddenly realising that finally, it’s over. In those precious moments we embrace the value of the many moments before that – with faces, with footprints, and the silent whispers reminiscent of laughter. Those are seconds when we are assured of the meaning of our existence – in the summary of thoughts, relieved of residues of regret, abundant of memories and connections, we finally feel most alive and worthy of every breath.

Yesterday, we just basked in that sunset – Eternally grateful for its beauty and the serenity it brought us. Like the landscape that had submitted to its repose, we surrender and rest our hearts to the solitude the coming night will bring.


(Photo taken at the Tagaytay Highlands on the occasion of a friend’s wedding. Best wishes to the newly weds!)

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