First|Last Dance

Exactly three years ago, around this time, in the middle of drunkenness, hazy lights and loud music, I searched for you. I distinctly remember how the pink light made you stand out from the blur of euphoria and the green laser beam cut through my consciousness. Your eyes caught mine and your faint smile captured my heart. It was now or never, I got your hand, then the dance floor was ours. While I was spewing gibberish, reminiscent of the lyrics of “Rather Be”, and my mind miles away from the broken windows of my car, our souls locked. Everything went silent; all I can hear was my voice – whispering to me how lucky I was to be able to dance with possibly the most beautiful girl in the room.

Fast forward to three years later, in between milestones and new alcohol-level restrictions and maintenance medicines, I remain intoxicated – feeling you in my most manic moments. I remember you now, and you’re still, by far, the most beautiful girl I ever danced with.

A few months ago, I conceded that romance may be as remote as our two continents coming together. A while ago as I thought of you, I remembered our mantra – so what? 🙂 Our souls have been tied regardless of time, space, and expectations. What could be better than that?

This is me just saying hello. And possibly conveying that I’ve been thinking of you lately.

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